Bettie Jean Carmack- Principles of Consultative Selling Process

In modern sales technology, consultative selling has become a very familiar concept to most in the sales profession, it is still frequently listed as one of the behavioral changes that many sales leaders would like to instill in their sales teams. 


Basically, consultative selling is referred to as solution-based selling, which is a helpful term for understanding the emphasis of the methodology and Bettie Jean Carmack will guide you with the consultative selling process in detail.

The focus is on the needs and issues of the client before presenting how the product can solve or meet those needs. We will discuss below the six principles of the consultative Selling Process:

  • Do your research: In the first step, you gather all the information about a prospect before you start a conversation to help, and in addition, you need to look for information about your competitors. 
  • Ask the right questions: Start with more basic to make them comfortable and general questions then move onto more specific ones. 
  • Listen to your prospect’s answers: Listen to your prospects carefully by genuinely interested in your prospect and identify what’s said, and more importantly, whatnot. 
  • Educate your prospect: Don’t teach about your product or service, but help them overcome a business challenge and build a plan to reach their goals. 
  • Qualify your prospect: Think about what will interest or help them and make sure you stand your ground.
  • Close the deal: Sealing the deal should be fairly easy for qualified prospects but If there’s a pushback, you can decide to dive right in and point out the consequences of leaving the situation.

If you desire to invest in a long-term relationship, Consultative selling is the appropriate way because it’s not about asking or showing, but about listening to your prospects.

Update your sales method with new techniques which will help you to grow faster as Bettie Carmack Alabama is an experienced expert in digital marketing and will guide you to increase your sales with creative new techniques to take your business a level ahead.  

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