Bettie Jean Carmack-Major Changes To Transform Future Marketing Efforts

Change is a new belief that influences every business. Not all changes in marketing are equally significant, some are restricted to particular industries. 


Businesses need to go with technology trends to apply them in making their brand stand out and Bettie Jean Carmack can guide you well with major changes that transform future marketing efforts.

Among many broader trends these are the most important marketing changes that we will discuss: 

  • Customer Dominance: The needs of the customer are a crucial issue to develop a product, service, and business. This trend in marketing and development of business is most important as it is the basic step that you need to think about, what does a customer want? 
  • The changes in the nature of consumers and markets: Marketers know that people are becoming more interested in use than in ownership. People are likely to rent or lease everything from garden tools to machine tools to cars. The value of leasing equipment is currently about $1 billion and that may double in the coming 5 years. These trends can affect the channels of selling, pricing arrangements, and sales appeals. It has disproportionate growth in the market for customized services, education, and travel. Customers are now becoming more demanding, personalized, and know about their needs. Another crucial result of developing consumer dominance is that today all sales potentials are segmented. In brief, the company that is not aware of the customer’s needs and the changing complexities of marketplaces is inviting problems.
  • The rise of technology: The technology trend is the greatest of all in which electronic data-processing equipment not only for reporting data but also for planning and controlling.

Bettie Jean Carmack Alabama will help you to go beyond these trends with his creative and innovative approach to grow your marketing efforts. This led to online communications and information-retrieval systems as tools to make marketing more efficient.

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