Bettie Jean Carmack- Top Trends for sales and marketing leaders in 2021

In 2021, online marketing and sales is rising rapidly with innovative technologies such as data analytics and automation which is a key to customer loyalty and engagement. It’s clear that sales and marketing teams need to work together to understand their customers, what products and services they want, and how best to sell to them.


Marketers need to upgrade with technology trends to apply them in making their brand stand out and Bettie Jean Carmack can guide you well with sales and marketing strategies.

We will discuss top trends for sales and marketing leaders in 2021:

  • Virtual reality will boost sales: Technology is becoming more enhanced and everyone is constantly looking for new ways to interact with it. This is giving opportunities for sales teams to look at future technology such as virtual reality (VR).
  • Proactivity will prove fruitful: Proactively looking at growth opportunities, the sales leaders will be able to significantly contribute to business growth.
  • The future of B2B selling will pivot from solutions to insight: Sales leaders must always think ahead and should be prepared to capture any opportunities created by rapidly changing buyer behaviours, which are starting to shift towards online purchases. Marketing teams will also play a role in communication of actionable insight to salespeople in a clear, compelling and timely manner, and allowing them to see where a customer needs support.
  • Collaboration: The connection between sales and marketing experts has always been strong as the collaboration between these experts will help brands succeed as sales teams have expertise in B2B sectors. Aligning sales with marketing will make sure everyone knows what they’re selling. To do this, businesses need to make a single customer journey to ensure both marketing and sales teams are working towards the same goals.

We all know that sales and marketing need to upgrade technology trends that can enhance business and Bettie Jean Carmack Alabama helps you to do so with his creative business strategies.

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